Preconstruction is the foundation of every construction project. Ground is not broken without planning and estimating what the project will cost. However, the majority of the construction industry continues to use Excel, a software that does not support the nuances and complexities of construction projects.


DESTINI Estimator is a true preconstruction technology platform that gives construction professionals the power to do more with what they have today so they can grow their business and build amazing projects.


Create Standards

Excel has flexibility but as a result, lends itself to every estimator and every project having different formats and contents. This lack of standards leads project owners to question whether your estimates are from the same company and concerns about collaboration challenges. DESTINI Estimator provides consistency across all estimators and projects. From commonly coded items in databases, starting templates for similar projects, branded reporting, and the flexibility to adjust to owner required bid sheets mean standards are being met from estimate to estimate and team member to team member


Automate Processes

Takeoff and estimating are typically done in separate tools and combined by copying and pasting in Excel. This time consuming manual process introduces the risk of errors in the estimate as well as makes explaining where quantities came from challenging at best. DESTINI Estimator’s integrated platform combines the power of a database with the customization and flexibility of WBS properties, assemblies, formatting, sorting, and filtering


Ability to Capture Data

The use of Excel is challenging for grabbing a baseline for conceptual estimates and project benchmarking. Manual searches and formatting of old projects are time-consuming and error-prone which leads to a lack of confidence when conveying numbers. DESTINI Estimator tracks all data changes in the project from the estimate, project metrics, takeoff, and versions of documents. The data is available through simplified dashboards. Additionally, DESTINI Estimator allows you to regionally adjust as well as time adjust past projects quickly to provide real-time comparisons to blow the socks off your customers

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A Revolutionary Construction Estimating Software

DESTINI Estimator is a true estimating platform that:

  • encourages project team collaboration through multiple users in one estimate at the same time
  • supports disconnected workflows so whether you are in the office, at the project site, or in between the estimate can be accessed
  • integrates with Autodesk, Procore, and Join
  • has built-in 2D takeoff as well as 3D takeoff
  • allows for custom reporting and branding
  • handles vast amounts of data
  • comes with training and implementation help directly from Beck Technology’s dedicated team
  • includes excellent technical support from our team in Dallas, Texas and an online community of DESTINI Estimator users